A flaky post ~ Abaster

05 December 2008

A flaky post

So for something of a lighter nature. Many are familiar with the classic chocolate bar the Cadbury Flake. This a chocolate bar lover's delight - light, flaky milk chocolate in an iconic wrapper that is known around the globe. From a user's or consumer's point of view there was one drawback: an annoyingly large number of the light flaky flakes always ended up on one's clothes, the tabletop, the car seat or wherever one used to eat the bar. So the elegant solution (simple and precise, without diluting the brand, etc.) is the Flake Dipped. So what is illustrative about this variation on a theme? Certainly, its no innovation, but it is an evolutionary step that keeps the crumbs to a minimum, increases a chocolate lover's delight, and builds the range and reach of the brand.