29 October 2008

Seeing the possibilities

Until his untimely death in August, Robert Davies was the CEO of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and blogged at Seeingthepossibilities.com. In his brief time as a blogger he addressed a number of issues related to sustainability and how stakeholders, and particularly business, should embrace it. In this particular piece Davies touched upon design and the "other 90%" opportunity (see my thoughts on the "other 90%" below). His other entries are well worth a read.

Where have you been?

Been absent a few months, traveling and catching up on things. Couple of items of interest:

I just read and thoroughly enjoyed Victor Papanek's "Design for the Real World" - a visionary book and required reading for anyone interested in or already a part of the rarefied world of design. I will come back to this seminal work with further thoughts in a little while.

And, I spent an enjoyable afternoon with a young aspiring designer (pictured) at the Design Museum in London, appreciating not only the contents of the museum but also its wonderful location on the banks of the Thames.